Hello everyone! We have no new stuff for now because we’re SO busy! Hopefully, we can find time to write new songs and experiment with some stuff…

We’re pretty much STILL preparing for our next album (to be released around late 2013 to 2014). No exact date of release as of now but we’ll get to that once we’ve finalized everything.

Anyway, we hope you all have a nice day!

– Scott’s Republic


We uploaded another song on our YouTube account (scottsrepublic) called “Goin’ Gaga”. The song is a result of listening to too much Lady Gaga songs and electric fan noises. Because it’s summer here in the Philippines, electric fans are always switched on.

To listen to our song, just click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgMlZh9lWcc


People say it sounds similar to Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”. What do you think? Haha.

Have a nice day everyone!

– Scott’s Republic


Ahoy there Mateys! We’ve uploaded another song last Tuesday called “Forthcoming”. Hope y’all check it out!

Here’s the link by the way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3W4K9tMfoGY


Until then, have a nice day everyone!

– Scott’s Republic

Last Tuesday, we uploaded another video and it’s our first ever Non-POM cover song. We covered/made a remake of the song called “Inevitable” by Anberlin. Again, it’s made using FL Studio.


Here’s the link by the way:


Does it somehow remind you of Christmas? Haha.

– Scott’s Republic

We have a new song up on our channel called “Summer Fun”. It’s a song written by Jeff and Carlos and it was inspired by the really hot summer here in the Philippines. But hey, summer is really awesome to enjoy with your family so it isn’t all that bad.

To listen to our new song, click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN4cKGVoGwQ

Have a nice day everyone!

– Scott’s Republic

Just updated our “History” page and our “Song List” page today.

Scott and Brandon are pretty much SOOOO BUSY today that’s why I’m pretty much the one who’s doing the writing (or typing… or blogging) right now. Anywho, Carlos and I have created a song today and we can’t wait for Scott and Brandon to listen to it. It’s pretty much our first song for 2013 and we’re pretty excited!!! Like SOOO PRETTY excited! IKR!!! XD  We haven’t jammed in a long while so yeah… I kinda miss Scott and Brandon’s lover’s quarrels.

OH! OH! By the way, our next album is going to be released around late 2013 or early 2014 so we’re kind of preparing for that as well.

That is all for now. ❤


Jeff of Scott’s Republic



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! We cannot believe it’s 2013 already. Dang, it seems like it was only yesterday.

Anyway, the band pretty much has a lot of plans for 2013 but… they only remain as plans unless executed. Hahaha! We don’t want to reveal just yet what our plans for 2013 are because we don’t want to give any false promises!

2012 is an awesome year, in our opinion. A LOT has happened and we’re thankful for each and every one of those events. We’re thankful for everyone who has supported us and made us who we are today!

Looking forward to another awesome year 2013. Have a blessed new year everyone!

– Scott’s Republic

We’re still on hiatus but…

We’ve uploaded another song called “Die The Lights” on our YouTube channel (scottsrepublic). “Die The Lights” was made waaaaay before “Bring Home The Bacon”, “Guilt’s Deafening Whisper”, and “Last Wish” but we’ve only decided to upload it just now. It is also our first ever Non-POM song as it was created using FL Studio.

To view our song called “Die The Lights”, just click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra-yh4rbiRo

Thanks everyone and have a nice day (even if Manny Pacquiao lost his battle against Juan Manuel Marquez)!

– Scott’s Republic

The band is currently busy with their day jobs and personal lives so they will be taking a little break from making music.

Scott of Scott’s Republic: Scott’s Republic is not our full-time job, hence it’s not our main priority. But, when we do have the time, we see to it that we produce something. An awesome work of art is not hurried. Everything will unfold in its own time. 

Brandon of Scott’s Republic: When we first formed the band, we were on a roll. We could produce a song in 2-4 days minimum. Now, you could say we’re on a slump. So yeah, a break is mandatory so we could recharge our creative batteries. 

Jeff of Scott’s Republic: School has just started… again! So yeah, no Scott’s Republic for now. For how long? I don’t know. 

Carlos of Scott’s Republic: Creative blocks are inevitable. Right now, the band is uninspired so we’ll have to temporarily part from each other.  Hopefully, our time and distance apart could help us learn new things.

We’ll see each other again the moment we get to produce something… or if we have a new music video up on our YouTube channel!

– Scott’s Republic

We forgot to blog about this but here it is now! We have a new song up on our YouTube channel (scottsrepublic) and it’s called “Last Wish”.

To view our newest song, click on this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZogPrgV3QC0


Have a nice day everyone!

– Scott’s Republic